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Our engineering teams are constantly engaged in new research and development projects. We welcome new R&D challenges presented to us by industry specialists, OEMs, research bodies and private companies. Some of the existing associative-design opportunities we have identified are summarised below.

Rigid body motion

Rigid Body Motion / Unified Coordinate System

Iterative development to provide automation features specific to our Mobius 3D platform within our Video GaugeTM software. Optimised to support instrumentation of wind tunnels.

Imetrum vision based systems

Vision-based Total Station

Bringing together a number of Imetrum technologies including video-based dynamic measurement, allowing for the elimination of reflectors or prisms, plus a high accuracy encoder capable of measurement in all six degrees of freedom.

Imetrum civil structure monitoring

Civil Structure Monitoring Array

A simple vision-based node with mesh integration capability allows multiple nodes to link together to monitor dynamic movement trends in large scale structures.

Imetrum encoder


Closed-loop feedback device capable of determining rotation and out of plane movement within six degrees of freedom. High speed / high resolution feedback with online data capture to support long-term trend analysis

Imetrum compact 3D systems

Compact 3D Systems

Research grade compact 3D head with full range of measurement tools enabled for materials, components and structures testing.

Imetrum rail track monitor

Rail Track Monitor

Stand-alone trackside monitoring system for track beds, intersections, points and junctions with 4G network integration for real-time, centralised trend-data transmission.

Imetrum AI

Statistical Process Control, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Platform

Advanced data gathering and processing analytical platform capable of identifying trends, predictive maintenance requirements, digital twin support and identification of unexpected behaviour.