Multi-point bend testing

Our measurement systems allow high precision deflection measurements to be taken during a multi-point bend test.This can be for a three or four point bend test of any material through failure.Additional properties can be measured, such as the level of anisotropy as described in the case study.


  • Point deflection measurements can be taken for the rollers or specimen, or strain can be directly measured from the surface in tension
  • Class 0.5 and B-1 requirements are met, even when testing for strains between 0.1 to 1% on short (10mm) gauge lengths.
  • Testing through failure is not an issue, allowing breaking strains to be measured.
  • Large deflection ranges are a simple matter of choosing the right lens for the application.
  • No surface damage will occur, giving you more representative data

Multi-point bend tests can be monitored for any size of specimen, from 10mm strips up to helicopter blade cross-sections as in the picture.The measurement range can be simply altered through a change of lens or camera position allowing both large and small components to be tested.