Shear testing

Our measurement system's 2D multi-point tracking allows for direct measurements of shear strain. Direct measurements can be taken through measuring the change in angle between three points as in the diagram below.

Mimicking a +/-45 strain gauge pair is also possible using four points, in order to obtain readings that will correspond to historic data.


Shear modulus measurements can be taken using these methods for V-notch or short beam specimens of any size using the appropriate hardware, with minimal preparation through a sprayed on speckle pattern.This enables tests to be performed on micro specimens or full sized components.

5 Arc-second resolution measurements ensure that your results are accurate and repeatable.

Measurements through failure can be taken without any threat of damage to the extensometry equipment so tests can run without interruption.

High strain materials can be monitored, whilst accuracy can be maintained by taking the true reading of the inside angle indicated

Our system's post-processing feature allows tests to be reviewed and new measurements to be made from the video, giving engineers additional insight in to the failure mode of the material.