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Advanced measurement system augmentation of a large 5m aerospace wind tunnel.

QinetiQ’s five metre wind tunnel facility was constructed in the 1960s. Since then, the facility has undergone several upgrades to keep pace with the growing needs of their clients. The more accurate and wider range of data offered, the greater the commercial attractiveness of using the QinetiQ facility. In 2019, Imetrum was selected to participate in a multi-year program of upgrades to help deliver this competitive advantage.

The unique measurement environment demanded a bespoke solution. This was derived from our existing products, successfully implemented within Formula One wind tunnels.

QinetiQ required highly accurate displacement measurement in all three dimensions, with minimal impact on existing tunnel equipment.

Our custom 3D optical heads utilised high resolution cameras, capable of capturing light from outside the visible light spectrum, at high capture frequencies.

Advanced software features such as Rigid Body Motion correction and Unified Coordinate System were included and optimised to suit QinetiQ’s requirements.

This unique system is capable of generating and transmitting high volumes of data to meet the client specification. A custom server rack was designed, housing several cutting-edge processors and high-capacity data banks.

The entire system passed through full factory and site acceptance testing, installation and commissioning by Imetrum engineers. 

The project was delivered one month ahead of schedule and in line with the defined acceptance criteria.

In partnership with QinetiQ, Imetrum continues to help define future upgrade pathways to further enhance the system’s capabilities.