Tensile testing of rubber dumbbells using UVX

In new materials development and for quality control, the mechanical properties of rubber materials are determined and verified for elongation and modulus. For DIC systems, measuring very high strain is technically challenging. However, coping with big changes in target appearance is one of the core strengths of Imetrum’s algorithms, meaning strains greater than 1000% are achieved.

Imetrum’s UVX modules are designed to provide a simple, traceable, non-contact way of meeting your test requirements, whether using standards-based testing such as ISO 37 and ASTM D412, for rubber dumbbells, or for more complex characterisation of material properties. Each UVX module is specified in terms of gauge lengths and achievable strain range. Imetrum’s new application note, AN109 ISO 37 – Tensile testing of rubber dumbbells using UVX, walks you through the test process for this standard for all the various geometries and strain ranges, and is available to download on the support section of our website.

As these specimens usually have a large elongation we recommend marking the specimens with an Imetrum High Strain Marking Kit for extensions over 400%. For more information about our UVX modules, High Strain Marking Kit, or advice on which UVX module to use for your specific test requirements, please get in touch.