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Imetrum Dynamics monitoring service is delivered by a team of experienced Imetrum engineers. It is based on Imetrum’s globally established Dynamic Monitoring System (DMS) technology and Video Gauge™ software. Dynamics provides a non-contact vision-based monitoring service for civil and industrial applications.

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Imetrum Dynamics video monitoring service brings a cost efficient solution for accurate, real-time dynamic data capture. This is supported and enhanced by full post-process capability.

DMS case and track deflection monitoring service graph

DMS and Video Gauge™ is Imetrum’s proprietary technology, enabling our engineering team to adapt and develop specialised solutions to meet demanding monitoring requirements.

Flexible, time efficient and capable

DMS and Video Gauge™ is best suited for short-term dynamic events such as passing traffic, industrial processes, load tests and forced vibrations. Although longer term monitoring campaigns can be undertaken with appropriate considerations.

Monitoring costs and personal risk are reduced with the ability to monitor dynamic behaviour from a distance, often without physical contact of the asset. Additionally, this prevents the need for closure permissions or interruption to industrial operations.

Typical data delivery includes displacements, strains, vibrations, and rotations, which can be supplied in traceable tabulated format. Our dynamic datum capability isolates specific movements in complex systems.

We recommend our team assists in designing monitoring schedules because this ensures the video technology is deployed effectively, and delivers the required data.

Typical use cases



Industrial processes

Rail track and track bed

Overhead electrified line

Civil structures


Dynamic Bridge Monitoring

Dynamic bridge monitoring servce data results

The dynamic response to passing live traffic, or pre-arranged load tests, is captured in real time, and often without direct access to the measurement locations.

Deploying multiple cameras captures different features simultaneously, while high sampling rates enable highly dynamic monitoring with sub mm resolution.

Monitoring can be completed during daylight hours or at night with appropriate lighting solutions.

Click here for the demonstration video

Overhead Electrified Line

Overhead electrified line displacement monitoring service graph

Real-time, dynamic overhead electrified line uplift is measured from a position of safety without the need to go track side.

High data capture rates enable uplift measurement at rail speeds of 100mph and above.

The Imetrum team is able to complete this monitoring during daylight hours, or at night, through the use of tightly controlled light sources. Resolutions of sub mm are routinely achieved.

Click here for demonstration video

Industrial Process

Industrial process monitoring service data and graphs

Overhead gantry crane – alignment and load testing and validation – In development

Click here for demonstration video

Rail Track Displacement

Rail track displacement monitoring service data and graphs

Track bed stiffness calculations require a direct measurement of rail rack deflection under a live load.

Imetrum’s DMS technology resolves individual axles passing over individual sleepers, joints or fish plates.

Natural features, such a bolts or clips, are used to to obtain measurements with sub mm resolution when it is not possible to mark the rail track.

Tunnel Convergence

Tunnel convergence monitoring service data

The controlled environment of a tunnel enables DMS to be deployed for longer term monitoring. Convergence and dimensional changes can be monitored over weeks and months to a resolution of 0.1 mm or better.