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Crack Length Gauge

Imetrum's Crack Length Gauge improves data quality and saves time when performing crack length measurements for Mode 1 fracture toughness testing for non metallic, composite and adhesive systems. This optional tool within Video Gauge™ measures unidirectional fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composite to ASTM D5528 and adhesive between material to ASTM D3433 and ISO 25217.

The tool delivers reliable measurement of crack length for static tensile tests, such as DCB specimens. By automating what has been a manual process, operators time is freed up, and data variability between operators is eliminated.

The benefits

  • Saves time by automating crack length measurement
  • Eliminates variability in manual measurements from different operators
  • Automated data collection saves time and reduces errors
  • No need to pause tests to take measurements – saving time and improving safety
  • Simple to learn, use and calibrate – an hours training will get you up and running
  • Keep a video record for quality control, reporting and further in-depth analysis
  • Synchronise crack length with other measurements such as load values and crosshead displacement
  • Works with all static tensile tests, on all types of specimen.

Imetrum’s crack length gauge reports crack length live on screen during each test. It removes the need for the operator to be involved at every stage, freeing them up to work on other tasks, whilst still being able to keep an eye on the specimen, either at the UTM or via a networked PC.

Determining the exact location of a crack tip can be a challenging and highly skilled process, reliant on each operator’s judgment. Imetrum’s gauge eliminates this subjectivity, using a material-specific threshold value that means that different operators can run the same test with exactly the same parameters – perfect for a busy lab and when striving for a consistent quality.

The crack length gauge has been widely tested and works robustly for all specimens. Contact our sales team if you would like more details or a quote.


Automatic measurement of crack length on bonded metal DCB specimen

Automatic measurement of crack length on composite DCB specimen

Automatic measurement of crack length on 10 mm thick composite DCB