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UVX Flexi

The UVX Flexi range gives you the ultimate in flexibility, and is well suited to lower volume material testing facilities and research and development environments. Because cameras and lenses are tripod-mounted and interchangeable, it is possible to achieve a huge range of gauge lengths and strain ranges while minimising cost. These include:

  • User definable gauge lengths from less than 0.05mm to more than 5m
  • Strain ranges from 0.01% to 1000%
  • Sampling speeds from 0.1Hz to 1000Hz in real time
  • Temperatures from less than -100°C to more than 1000°C
  • Portability between test frames
  • Up to 4 synchronised extensometer modules per system.


A wide variety of cameras and lenses are available for UVX Flexi extensometer modules. Most material testing requirements are met with Imetrum’s three standard cameras which offer high end industrial imaging in an extremely compact design. All are capable of achieving ISO 9513/ASTM E83 (Class 0.5/B-1 specification) at low and high strains. For higher speed measurements, then IMT-CAM 010 is capable of the same accuracy and offers real-time measurements to 1000 Hz. Above this, post-processing images from Imetrum's ultra-high-speed cameras meet the very fastest requirements (up to 1,000,000 Hz).


Material Testing Lenses are designed for the highest quality measurements, measuring strains to less than 0.01% with inherent compensation for out-of-plane movement. These lenses are ideal for compression testing and all low strain applications, including measuring modulus for stiff materials such as carbon composites. Imetrum® also offer a range of Mini MT Lenses, details are available on request.

General purpose (GP) lenses are ideal for long gauge length and high elongation samples. They are the lens of choice for most testing of rubbers, plastics, ropes and cables, as well as bend tests on larger specimens. GP lenses are best suited to larger strains, with care being required during test setup to ensure there is no out-of-plane movement.

View our lens selection tables, specified in our UVX Flexi Details product sheet, to assist you in picking the right combinations.

Contact our sales team if you would like more details or a quote.