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Who are we?

Imetrum is a globally recognised leader in the field of non-contact video measurement systems based on patented Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and pattern recognition algorithms. Our systems record precise, movement-derived measurements such as displacement, strain, and deformation, often to fractions of a micron.

Our products are used in leading edge research across industry, academia, and research & development centres.

We can be found in exacting markets such as aerospace, automotive and F1 motorsport industries as well as in material test laboratories testing and approving compliance to international materials standards for almost everything industry manufactures. From small scale to very large scale, our technology is also found in safety-critical applications in structures such as bridges, buildings and critical infrastructure.

Why join Imetrum?

We are very proud of our culture. Employees feel supported, balanced, informed, and motivated. We cultivate close relationships through an open-minded, learning approach. Our aim is to be leaders in the marketplace for employee values.

Imetrum is ambitious and growing. We look to ensure all staff have opportunities to learn, develop and flourish within themselves, can grow with the business, and share in its successes.

Our ambitious vision is to make non-contact precision displacement measurement a mainstream tool throughout the industrial world.

We currently have no vacancies available.