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We are Innovators

Developing a comprehensive knowledge of market sectors, their technology limitations and working closely alongside our clients in partnership is what drives our approach to continual innovation.

We pride ourselves on pioneering Associative-Design practices to re-imagine concepts that bridge existing technology gaps within a specific industry.

We are Engineers

Our rich history of engineering excellence allows us to turn innovative concepts into real-world products, encompassing both our experience and cutting-edge technology.

High accuracy

Our patented high accuracy vision-based measurement algorithms, software and system design is at the core of our capability.

We use recognised ‘Agile’ project management techniques to efficiently deliver product development projects in collaboration with our partners.

We are Collaborators

We believe in working closely with sector-specific partners throughout the project, from conception to commercialisation. We fundamentally understand that our partners’ expertise is critical in successfully defining the product specification and ensuring its ultimate commercial and technical success.

We have existing long-standing partnerships with Formula One teams, leading aerospace manufacturers, research institutes, sector OEMs and many others.

We are proud of our unique culture of technical excellence, personal integrity, teamwork, respect and mutuality.