About us

Our Brand Mission

To make Imetrum’s measurement solutions a mainstream capability throughout the industrial world.

Our history

Imetrum is a globally recognised leader in the field of non-contact measurement systems, based on patented Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and pattern recognition algorithms. With over 20 years of application experience, our products are used in cutting-edge research across industry, academia and R&D centres.

Our systems record precise, movement-derived measurements such as displacement, strain and deformation, often to fractions of a micron. Trusted by exacting industries such as aerospace, automotive and F1 motorsport, as well as prominent material test laboratories, our technologies set the standard for reliability and accuracy. From compact setups to large-scale deployments, our innovations play a pivotal role in ensuring safety across critical applications in structures like bridges, buildings and vital infrastructure projects.

Taking a collaborative approach

Imetrum prides itself on leading the way in pioneering Associative-Design practices, aimed at re-imagining concepts that bridge existing technology gaps within specific industries.

The company firmly believes in collaborating closely with sector-specific partners throughout every project phase, from conception to commercialisation. Imetrum recognises that the expertise of its partners is crucial in effectively defining product specifications and ensuring both its commercial and technical success.


Our Solutions


Compact small form factor for high precision measurements

Pre-calibrated optics for straight forward use

Rugged design for use in real industrial environments


For short-term measurement campaigns

Measure from a position of safety with true non-contact capability

Configurable capability to suit


Suitable for wind tunnel use

Pre-calibrated optics for straight forward use

Rugged design for use in real industrial environments

Video Gauge™
Video Gauge

Video Gauge™ forms the core of our systems

In Post Processing mode, video data can be reanalysed on any computer

Wide variety of tools and features

More information

Material Testing

For more information on the material testing industry and Imetrum’s role in improving accuracy and reliability, see our material testing page below.