Vector U70

Vector U70 sits within our non-contact extensometer range. This model is suitable for testing small to medium specimens, with a gauge length range of 10-50 mm and widths larger than 2 mm.

With intuitive features, the impact of operator influence on measurement outcomes is removed resulting in repeatability and unparalleled accuracy. With a working distance of 280 to 320mm the U70 delivers uniaxial strain measurement over a wide range of materials, gauge lengths and set-ups that all meet or exceed ISO 9513 Class 0.5 and ASTM E83 Class B-1.

Vector’s lightweight operation and convenient integration makes Vector an advancement to any material testing laboratory.
Vector U200 Vector U70 Mobius UVX 3D

Meets or exceeds ISO 9513 Class 0.5 and ASTM E83 Class B-1

material testing Vector U200 Vector U70 Mobius Axiom DMS UVX 3D

Reduce the cost of testing and drive faster ROI with U70 starting at £9,800

Vector U200 Vector U70 Mobius Axiom

Vector is up and running with four easy steps: Install; Mark; Align; and Measure

material testing Vector U200 Vector U70 Mobius Axiom UVX 3D

Vector can be configured to work with different mark types, gauge lengths, and outputs


Product Specs

Extensometer Measurement Applications
Uniaxial; Tensile, Compressive or Flexural
Measurement Modes
Strain (%) or displacement (mm/inches)
Field of View
70H x 40D x 25W mm cuboid
70H x 40D x 25W mm cuboid
Extensometer Accuracy Class
Meets or exceeds ISO 9513 Class 0.5 and ASTM E83 Class B-1 capable
Gauge Lengths Supported
10 to 50 mm
Real Time Strain Data Rate
150 Hz
Minimal Specimen Width
2 mm flat, 2.5 mm diameter round
Minimal Recommended Specimen Parallel Section
16 mm
Maximum Tracking Speed
2500 mm/min
Strain Control
Compliant to ISO 6892 and ASTM E8
Working Distance
280 to 320 mm
Strain Signal Interface
Analogue ±10V BNC
Supported Mark Types*
Rings, filled circles and speckles automatically detected
Recommended Specimen Temperature Range
-30 to +300ºC
252H x 73D x 201W mm
Weight (Vector Module Only)
3.1 kg
*Marking Kit Included

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Expanding measurement capability

Having adopted and been impressed with the Vector U200 when it first launched, we were keen to explore the possibilities U70 offered with smaller gauge length, sub-sized or compression specimens, it did not disappoint.

Paul Yeo - Technical Director
Composite Test & Evaluation
Material testing extensometer

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