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Imetrum and Tinius Olsen share a long-standing history of working together and have jointly decided to strengthen their partnership further by embarking upon a technical and commercial collaboration, to this end Tinius Olsen has now acquired a share in the Imetrum business.

By working together, listening to the market and developing new technology the collaboration brings with it the opportunity to diversify our product offerings and broaden the scope of both Imetrum and Tinius Olsen’s market reach.

Tinius Olsen’s experience at the forefront of the material testing market for over 140 years in combination with Imetrum’s dynamic and high-tech innovation and design engineering capability creates the ideal partnership.

Extensometer technology is about to change forever.

One of the key sensors used in materials and device testing systems is the extensometer. Our partnership of technological and materials testing expertise is focused on bringing to market a new era of smart devices for the measurement of movement and strain in tension, shear, flexural and compression testing. This is technology based on the key smart parameters of automation, connectivity and improved user Return on Investment (ROI).

“I am absolutely delighted that we have formed this partnership with Tinius Olsen. Their knowledge and experience are unsurpassed in the materials testing industry and for them to have chosen to work so closely with us is a great honour. Together, we are already building industry-changing new products, with more soon to follow. The output of our partnership will bring significant improvements in performance and efficiency across the sector, it is so exciting to be a part of this.”

Lee Fenney, CEO of Imetrum

“Our market for specialist materials, component and device testing is demanding ever more automation and connectivity. This means using cameras to instantaneously capture and create the test in the virtual world from where test and performance results flow into our users’ processes. With this in mind, I am excited that Tinius Olsen has strengthened its partnership with Imetrum, specialists in optical xtensometry and vision measurement. This will enable us to meet our markets needs together in this new landscape”

C. Robert Tait, III President of Tinius Olsen International