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The Dynamic Monitoring System (DMS) uses DIC algorithms and Video Gauge™ software to track natural features or installed targets for short-term monitoring

DMS monitors the dynamic movement of structures for short-term measurement regimes. Its capabilities include measurement of position, displacement, strain crack opening and rotation. As a multi-point dynamic monitoring system, it’s capable of measurements similar to those generated by strain gauges, LVDT’s, tilt meters or Total Stations.

Dynamic Monitoring Prince of Wales Bridge

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DMS overview


The Dynamic Monitoring System is benchmarked by many companies, including the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Its measurement capability is often described as having the benefits of a non-contact device, with the resolution of a contacting one.

Dynamic Monitoring System - displacement data graph


The portable field system case houses the controlling hardware, a monitor, mouse and keyboard. Additionally, it has storage for multiple cameras and lenses. This makes DMS an easily transportable self-contained solution that is setup within minutes.

Dynamic Monitoring System case


The Dynamic Monitoring System can be used to monitor the dynamic movement of structures. Its capabilities include measurement of position, displacement, strain crack opening and rotation.

Dynamic Monitoring System Flexi System
DMS rail


DMS reduces monitoring costs and personal risk as you are able to monitor dynamic behaviour from a distance, often without physical contact of the asset. Additionally, this prevents the need for closure permissions or interruption to industrial operations.

Immediate results

Our Dynamic Monitoring System provides you with the data you need, whether your application is in a controlled laboratory environment or an outdoor structure with complex access needs.

The system is easy to deploy and provides real time data at sub mm resolution at sampling rates of up to 500Hz.DIC can be used for many measurements, including identifying locations of high strain, measuring global deformation and scanning areas to identify the early onset of cracks.

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