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Mobius is a high precision non-contacting measurement system capable of determining real-time displacements within a 3D working volume.

Mobius is the latest iteration of our 3D Precision Displacement technology. Originally designed to eliminate the challenges posed by out of plane movements in complex structures, Mobius’ enhanced features are the culmination of many years of development in Imetrum’s three-dimensional displacement measurement capability.

Class leading accuracy and resolution

Class leading accuracy Better than 0.1µm at real-time measurement rates up to 300Hz.

The most data rich output of any comparable 3D Digital Image Correlation system.

Imetrum Mobius

Uncompromising industrial design

Durable, rugged design for use in industrial environments.

Imetrum Mobius

Advanced measurement & analytical tools

Mobius software introduces new analytical tools such as multi-head operation using our Unified Coordinate System functionality and advanced measurement features such as Rigid Body Motion Correction.

Imetrum Mobius 3
Imetrum Mobius

Three synchronised Mobius heads supported by a single processor platform offers broad suitability to many market sectors such as automotive and motorsport, wind tunnel testing, aerospace, industrial and process plant, energy and renewables, civil engineering and scientific research.

Effortless and user friendly

Pre-calibrated optics with large measurement volumes ready to measure out of the box.

Imetrum non contact measurements

Flexible mounting solutions

Suitable for fixed or mobile installation using custom mounting brackets, tripods or user defined mounts.

Mobius ceiling mount

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