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High precision, non-contacting,
real time 3D displacement
measurement system

Ideal for precision measurement, product inspection and
real-time monitoring, Mobius is supplied as a fully-encapsulated,
pre-calibrated unit that requires very little additional user set up
to provide highly accurate 3D displacement measurements.

Mobius Head
Mobius Head

Scalable hardware architecture

Large scale measurement volumes achieved by synchronising up to three Mobius heads via a single unified coordinate reference frame.

Our SC-4 high power processor platform supports full-frame capture from all three heads on a single processor, to entirely eliminate data latency concerns, whilst providing sufficient high speed M.2 storage capacity to store over 2 hours of live footage for post processing.

System Controller

Harnessing the power of Video GaugeTM

Mobius software introduces new analytical tools such as
multi-head configuration using our Unified Coordinate System (UCS) functionality and advanced measurement features such as Rigid Body Motion Correction (RBM).

  • Unlimited measurement tools for position, displacement, strain, rotation and LVDT
  • On-board post processing as standard
  • Full field 3D compensated 3D Strain Maps
  • 3D validation wizards to confirm system performance

Key markets:

Automotive and motorsport

Wind tunnel testing

Aerospace structures

Industrial and process plant

Energy and renewables

Civil engineering

Scientific / University research

Imetrum Mobius

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