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Mobius is ideal for precision 3D displacement non-contact measurement, product inspection and real-time monitoring.

Our industrial measurement head, Mobius, provides highly precise 3D measurement of objects and structures. Supplied as a fully-integrated, pre-calibrated unit, it combines class-leading accuracy and resolution with the most data-rich output of any 3D Digital Correlation Image system (DIC) on the market today.

Mobius 3D measurement Head

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Mobius – 3D displacement measurement

Mobius is a highly effective alternative to traditional displacement sensors such as LVDTs, DTs, EDMs, encoders, laser trackers and potentiometers in a wide range of applications. Utilising non-contact digital image correlation techniques, Mobius eliminates the challenges of traditional contacting sensors.

The Measurement Head is supplied with a factory calibrated measurement volume ensuring that user calibration is not required. User 3D validation wizard tools allow the user to determine system measurement accuracy when required.

Mobius uses Imetrum’s Video Gaugeā„¢ software which incorporates a range of mathematical functions for analysing the behaviour of the component under test.


Accurate, with better than 1/10 micron accuracy throughout the measurement range.


Suitable for challenging and sensitive environments including variable lighting conditions.

Mobius 3D measurement head
Mobius 3D measurement head


Rugged design makes Mobius suitable for wind tunnels and other industrial environments.


Automated Validation Wizards aid ease of use.

Scalable hardware architecture

Large scale measurement volumes are achieved by synchronising up to three Mobius Measurement Heads via a single unified coordinate reference frame.

Our high power SC-4 System Controller supports up to three heads and offers sufficient storage for several hours of test data.

System Controller for Mobius 3D measurement

Harnessing the power of Video GaugeTM

Mobius software introduces new analytical tools such as multi-head configuration using our Unified Coordinate System (UCS) functionality and advanced measurement features such as Rigid Body Motion Correction (RBM).

  • Unlimited measurement tools for position, displacement, strain, rotation and LVDT
  • On-board post processing as standard
  • Full field 3D compensated 3D Strain Maps
  • 3D validation wizards to confirm system performance

Key markets:

Automotive and motorsport

Wind tunnel testing

Aerospace structures

Industrial and process plant

Energy and renewables

Civil engineering

Scientific / University research

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