Video Gauge™

Video Gauge™ forms the core of our systems, providing a common software platform for running our Axiom, DMS, Flexi, and Mobius products. Simply connect a measurement head and begin taking measurements. The flexibility of Video Gauge™ ensures that appropriate features and functions are available regardless of which product you connect. Video Gauge™ allows you to easily control the capture, processing, and analysis of data.

You can take measurements of any object with resolutions better than a micron and at speeds over 1kHz. Just select the appropriate measurement head for your application.

Measurement capability

As a video-based system, Video Gauge™ offers a wide range of virtual measurement tools in a single piece of software. You can use tools for strain, displacement, distance, rotation, shear strain, crack length, LVDT, and more. You can configure any number of these tools to measure any point on the test object.


Post processing

Video Gauge™ not only captures measurement data live but also reanalyses previously captured tests. This key advantage of a video-based measurement systems allows you to gain additional insights from the captured video data. Conventionally, you would need to rerun tests to obtain this extra information. In Post Processing mode, you can reanalyse video data on any computer and add any number of measurement tools.


Advanced features

Video Gauge™ offers a wide variety of tools and features. While several features are developed specifically for wind tunnel testing, they apply to a wide range of applications. These include Rigid Body Motion correction, which compensates for movements of the test object to extract real motion. Additionally, you can combine the coordinate systems of multiple tools to perform measurements on large test objects or from different viewpoints.

Digital Image Correlation

Video Gauge™ also provides a Digital Image Correlation tool for creating rich color contour maps over the test object. These maps, which can show strain or displacement, offer a detailed understanding of the entire surface. For example, you can identify and measure strain concentrations specifically.


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