Case Study

Unified control and multiple views in a wind tunnel

Wind Tunnel Testing

The Challenge

Wind tunnels are complex pieces of equipment, comprising several different control systems, sensors and data capturing devices. A significant challenge is combining each system to deliver unified control and data capture so the results can be correctly correlated to verify the desired design or characteristic.

When testing in a wind tunnel, the test objects can vary in shape, size and position as well as how they are moved throughout the test. This can result in it not always being in view and valuable test data being lost.

The Solution

Multiple views of the same test object can be also combined in Video Gauge™ using the Unified Coordinate System functionality. This is created with multiple Mobius Measurement Heads and known reference points. Post processing of tests using a Unified Coordinate System is also possible by capturing the primary and secondary reference point data during the live test run.

The Results

Video Gauge™ can be integrated into a wider control and data collection system. This delivers deeper insights as part of the wider system without additional user input.

Large scale measurement volumes for wind tunnels is achieved by synchronising up to three Imetrum Mobius Measurement Heads via a single unified coordinate reference frame. Creating a global coordinate system ensures that all Mobius Measurement Heads deliver results using the same axis alignment with respect to the real world.



Rugged design for use in industrial environments


Pre-calibrated optics and ready out of the box


Tolerant of variable lighting conditions

Developing solutions for measurement challenges

Developing solutions for measurement challenges