Case Study

Using Video Gauge™ for testing in Wind Tunnels

Wind Tunnel Testing
Video Gauge™

The Challenge

Performing Research and Development within a wind tunnel requires capturing data from multiple points simultaneously. These data points represent the displacement of points of interest. However, this displacement can take multiple forms and require the use of several types of sensors. In addition, capturing all necessary information from the test live can be problematic, meaning multiple test runs are required or an incomplete dataset is taken.

The Solution

Combining Mobius Measurement Heads with Imetrum’s Video Gauge™ software provides a suite of measurement tools that deliver the rich datasets required in wind tunnel testing.

Users can make an unlimited number of virtual displacements, distance, strain, rotation, and LVDT measurements simultaneously, among others. They can also capture full field strain and displacement maps.

Users can use video data captured during testing in post-processing to re-evaluate the test and gain a deeper understanding of the object under test. Additionally, they can apply Rigid Body Motion correction to measure the true deflections of components on the object under test.


The Result

Combining Mobius Measurement Heads with Video Gauge™ allows wind tunnel operators to replace several sensors with a single system. This change speeds up set-up times and simplifies test configurations. It also improves data accuracy since the object under test does not need to be instrumented with contacting sensors. Using advanced tools such as full field strain maps and Rigid Body Motion correction further increases data capture.





Rugged design for use in industrial environments


Pre-calibrated optics and ready out of the box


Tolerant of variable lighting conditions

Developing solutions for measurement challenges

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