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Axiom combines stereoscopic optics with advanced analytical software and is ideal for research grade non-contact 3D displacement measurement

Axiom is a pre-calibrated 3D displacement measurement head and a high specification research grade non-contact extensometer. The optical measurement uses a pair of industrial cameras, pre-calibrated as a three dimensional volume during manufacture.


Axiom is a natural successor to previous generation Imetrum extensometers.

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Axiom is capable of measuring strain, rotation and extension in any orientation and providing the output to a UTM load frame for further analysis such as tensile and compressive modulus, Poisson’s ratio and R-value.

Ideal for determining low strain material properties (from 0.01%). All models are capable of meeting Class B-1 (ASTM E-83) and Class 0.5 (ISO 9513) at the specified gauge lengths and strain ranges.

Axiom 3D displacement measurement

Stereoscopic sensing detects machine or specimen misalignment and actually identifies, measures and removes out of plane movements during the test rather than simply reducing such errors using expensive and cumbersome telecentric lenses.

Such systems provide a flexible working distance tolerance, typically between 50 and 500mm front to back, resulting in quicker setup and more forgiving operation.

  • Alternative solution to contacting extensometers, strain gauges and LVDTs
  • Factory calibrated, ready to measure out of the box
  • Common UTM mounting arm or tripod mount
  • 0.1 – 500Hz measurement speeds
  • Suitable for non-ambient testing
  • Calibration to ASTM E83 and ISO 9513
Axiom 3D displacement measurement on frame
Axiom 3D displacement measurement mounted

UTM mounted

Using T-Slot mounting rail bracket and extendable mounting arm which is also used on our Vector extensometer for maximum flexibility and reduced cost.

Axiom – 3D displacement measurement

Axiom is a compact stereoscopic head which supplements the Mobius product range with a smaller factory calibrated measurement volume than is currently possible with Mobius alone.

Standard working volumes include a 300mm and a 500mm stand-off however custom options can be specified and built to order.

Axiom can be used in both challenging and sensitive environments due to the fully enclosed design. Simplified cabling and a range of robust mounting options complete a user-friendly but highly capable measurement tool.

Axiom 3D Measurement Head and tripod

Utilising non-contact digital image correlation techniques, Axiom eliminates the challenges of traditional contacting sensors, for example:

  • No sensor mounting brackets and frames needed
  • Excessive and burdensome wiring eliminated
  • No risk of sensor damage should test run to material or structure failure
  • No conflicting sensor, software and communications standards
  • Measurement interference by the sensor itself eliminated
  • No mismeasurement risk from incorrectly installed sensors
Axiom - 3D displacement measurement

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