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Axiom combines stereoscopic optics with advanced analytical software and is ideal for research grade non-contact 3D displacement measurement

Axiom is a pre-calibrated 3D displacement measurement head and a high specification research grade Measurement Head. The optical measurement uses a pair of industrial cameras, pre-calibrated as a three dimensional volume during manufacture.


Axiom is a natural successor to previous generation Measurement Heads.

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Axiom – compact 3D measurement

Axiom is a compact stereoscopic head which supplements the Mobius product range with a smaller factory calibrated measurement volume than is currently possible with Mobius alone.

Standard working volumes currently include a 300mm and a 500mm stand-off. Contact us if you wish to discuss other options.

Axiom can be used in both challenging and sensitive environments due to the fully enclosed design. Simplified cabling and a range of robust mounting options complete a user-friendly but highly capable measurement tool.

Axiom 3D Measurement Head and tripod

Utilising non-contact digital image correlation techniques, Axiom eliminates the challenges of traditional contacting sensors, for example:

  • No sensor mounting brackets and frames needed
  • Excessive and burdensome wiring eliminated
  • No risk of sensor damage should test run to material or structure failure
  • No conflicting sensor, software and communications standards
  • Measurement interference by the sensor itself eliminated
  • No mismeasurement risk from incorrectly installed sensors
Axiom - 3D displacement measurement
Axiom 3D displacement measurement mounted

UTM mounting option

Using T-Slot mounting rail bracket and extendable mounting arm which is also used on our Vector extensometer for maximum flexibility and reduced cost.

Software options

  • Full field 3D compensated strain maps optional (eliminates distortion created by Z-direction movement)
  • Rigid Body Motion correction
Axiom measurement head

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