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Precision Displacement Trackers

The 3D PDT is a powerful, camera-based displacement sensor that slashes test setup times, reduces cost and delivers accurate, rich data sets. It is a highly flexible alternative to LVDTs, DTIs, EDMs, encoders, laser trackers and potentiometers. The 3D PDT is pre-calibrated and ready to measure - there is no need to spend time calibrating, learning how to calibrate, or worrying if a system is in calibration.

The flexibility of the PDT ensures it is suitable for a wide range of applications, including acceptance testing; deformation measurement; measuring component stiffness; Measuring compliance in bearings, couplings and fastenings; understanding static and dynamic behaviour; measurement of hot and delicate components & validating and correlating with FE models.

The benefits

The Precision Displacement Tracker reduces test setup times and costs by overcoming many of the challenges associated with traditional sensors:

  • No need to build rigid mounting frames and bracketry for each sensor
  • Improved access to test components
  • Faster component swapping for the next test
  • No risk of damage to sensors when test goes to failure
  • No data-logger, signal-conditioning or delicate wiring to install
  • Highly immune to noise and errors from electrical interference, temperature change and drift.

Many sensors only measure linear displacement, but the 3D PDT measures every point of interest in all three dimensions. A single 3D PDT can therefore replace numerous other gauges, whilst still delivering live, synchronised real-time measurements. Micron-level resolution is delivered on measurement volumes up to several metres. Being a non-contact system also delivers improved accuracy in many cases as there is:

  • No mass or friction in the sensor
  • No obstructions to airflow during aerodynamic testing (e.g. wind tunnels)
  • No false displacements from sliding of the sensor probe across the component's surface.


Guitar Strings Vibrating

Benchmarking of a 3D measurement head (1)

Benchmarking of a 3D measurement head (2)

Case Studies

wing in wind tunnel

CS107 - Measuring changes in wing shape in a wind tunnel


CS119 - Tracking water level


CS101 - Accuracy of Imetrum system for displacement measurement